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About Sutton Film Office

Sutton Film Office provides a one-stop service for managing filming and photography on behalf of the council. All professional filming and photography on council land or public roads is licensed by us. Our work is guided by the principles of the London Filming Partnership.

Sutton is a thriving, vibrant borough in the heart of a great world city. We make sure filmmakers respect the people who live and work here. We also negotiate to ensure the community benefits fully from the advantages of filming here.

Our work includes arranging Q&A sessions where residents meet filmmakers; direct donations to community groups and causes; and securing training, work placements and jobs for local people. We collect location fees for the council, which can be spent on further community benefits.

We liaise across council departments such as Highways, Parking, Housing and Leisure. We work with the Metropolitan Police Film Unit, resident associations and trader associations to ensure all filming is managed safely and smoothly.



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About FilmFixer

FilmFixer was chosen to manage Sutton Council's film office in 2014. We are committed to meeting the council’s high standards for protecting the interests of local residents and businesses. Using our experience and expertise, we effectively promote and manage filming in our client boroughs for the benefit of the council and the community.

Join us on Twitter @FilmFixerUK and Facebook facebook.com/filmfixer.

Sutton Council says

“We are extremely proud in Sutton of our diversity of locations. Being a London borough bordering Surrey, we have a blend of urban life and beautiful green spaces with outstanding heritage including Tudor manors and medieval villages. Our locations should feel very familiar – having featured in Peep Show, the PhoneShop, the IT Crowd, The Bill and many more. We look forward to FilmFixer marketing our diverse offer to the industry and securing investment and other economic opportunities for Sutton in the process.”

Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council


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