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From London (as Moscow) with love

6th March 2014
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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is set mostly in Russia – but London acted as a key double for director Sir Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley.

FilmFixer’s team worked nimbly to support the fast pace of filming, providing access to important Camden locations such the Master’s Lawn in Lincoln’s Inn and the Lincoln’s Inn Undercroft beneath the chapel – whose ornate arches create a fantastically moody setting. Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square was converted into a Moscow Hotel. And we arranged the closure of the east and west arms of Bloomsbury Square to allow shooting in Bloomsbury Square Gardens.

Possibly our favourite location was Senate House in Malet Street. Here, with the interior dressed as a Russian restaurant, Keira Knightley distracts Kenneth Branagh, allowing Chris Pine access to the secrets.