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Sutton is regularly the backdrop to great movies and TV shows. Our locations library is a comprehensive, one-click resource for location managers. Below are some of our brilliant local locations.

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Starring… Sutton

There have been loads of great TV shows and films shot in Sutton in recent years. Here are some of the highlights.
In the long run
The Times Square carpark in Sutton played the carpark at 1980s Heathrow. The stars were filmed walking through the shopping centre link tunnel and getting into their car.
the show filmed at The Old Rectory on Malden Road in Cheam. Cheam Library doubled as school. And a house on Palmer Avenue played the home of Denise and Kris, although their scenes inside the house were shot in a studio.
McDonalds Christmas ad
McDonalds had chosen its Sutton High Street branch for a christmas TV ad. A lonely doll sitting in the front window of a toy shop, is still not bought by Christmas. She heads out and across the street to McDonalds, where it turns out her fate awaits her.
Hoff The Record
David Hasselhoff’s TV mockumentary is back on Dave. In the first series last year, with Hoff based in a down-market hotel in Sutton, saw him auditioning for the role of himself in a biopic – a part which he failed to land. Hoff goes so far as to fake his own death, which inevitably backfires. He finds a solution by going into rehab and get into selling confessional videos. The series is a brilliant example of what’s possible on a small budget, with handheld or tripod mounted cameras.
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